Anno Accademico: 2014-2015
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:: Insegnamento :: Letteratura inglese 2
Titolatura Letteratura inglese 2
CDS Lingue e Letterature Moderne Euroamericane (DM 270)
Docenti Carla Dente
Tipo di insegnamento Corso
Codici/crediti Modulo unico:210LL cfu:9
Settore scientifico - disciplinare L-LIN/10 Letteratura inglese
Periodo lezioniPrimo semestre
OrarioSecondo semestre del corso di laurea in Lingue e Letterature Moderne Euroamericane (DM 270)
Commissione: MembriProf. R. Ferrari
Commissione: SupplentiDott. Sara Soncini
Titolo - modulo A o unicoEarly Modern Popular Culture between real life and representation
Argomento: Modulo AThe course will focus on the paradigm of stage representation of real cultural aspects of civic life in Early Modern Britain. The discussions and the analyses of the texts selected as case studies will focus mainly, but not exclusively, on theatre texts from the early Tudor period to the Restoration, and beyond. Main theatrical and discursive conventions, the wide question of literary influence and the development of the representational paradigm, are issues that will be studied in the first instance.
Testi: Modulo APrimary texts:
Th. Kyd, The Spanish Tragedy, in Five Revenge Tragedies, ed by Emma Smith, Penguin Classics, London 2012
W. Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, any authoritative version. The necessary critical introduction has to be one of the following: ARDEN Shakespeare, Oxford University Press, or Cambridge University Press, all of them in LM2 library. The texts is also available on line at
Ben Jonson, Bartholomew Fair, ed. G.R. Hibbard, New Mermaids, London/ New York 1977 ; or available at
W. Rowley, Th. Dekker, J. Ford, The Witch of Edmonton/ La strega di Edmonton, con traduzione introduzione e note di M. Rastelli, Napoli, Liguori 2005.
W. Wycherly, The Country Wife, ed. J. Ogden, New Meirmaids, London/New York, 1993; oppure ed. Tanika Gupta, Oberon, London 2004.
Cardenio by S. Greenblatt and Ch. Mee, available at
J.L. Carrell, The Shakespeare Secret, London, Sphere 2008 (a novel)

Secondary Texts:
C. Dente, “I viaggi del testo. Cardenio, o alla ricerca del testo shakespeariano perduto: collaborazioni, attribuzioni e adattamenti”, in Commedia e dintorni a cura di Accardi e Pezzini, Pisa, Felici 2013.
C. Dente and J. Tronch eds, Offstage and Onstage. Liminal Forms of Culture and Their Enactments in early Modern English Drama to the Licensing Act, Pisa, ETS 2014.
S. Gillespie and N. Rhodes, Shakespeare and Elizabethan Popular Culture, Arden Critical Companions, London 2006.
Peter Burke,Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe (1978), Aldershot, Ashgate 1994
- Cinta Zunino-Garrido, Mimesis and the Representation of Experience, Bern, Peter Lang, 2012, Introduction, Chapters I, II (p.9-170).

Bibliografia di riferimentoParte istituzionale:

In addition, for LEA and LEFE students who are supposed to have already or to acquire autonomously a good knowledge of the History of English Literature to the present day, the following works constitute compulsory reading:
J. Austen, Emma, Penguin or any other edition.
W..M. Thackeray, Vanity Fair, any edition.
G. Gissing, New Grub Street, any edition.
L. Carrol, Alice in Wonderland, any edition.
J. Joyce, Oxes of the Sun and Scilla and Carybdis in Ulysees, any English edition (see also the Italian translation of Enrico Terrinoni, Newton Compton, 2012).
M. Lowry, Under the Volcano, Penguin
D. Lodge. Small World, Penguin
Eventuali indicazioni per non frequentantiModulo A: LEFE Students (12 CFU) are requested read in addition
Th. Heywood and R. Brome, The Late Lancashire Witches, available on line at
LEFE students need also to get in touch with the lecturer in order to agree upon the subject and forms of tutorship for a written essay.
Any other students who require programmes for special needs please get in touch with Professor Dente.
Propedeuticità richieste dal docenteNone
Modalità d'esameModule A: An oral interview, integrated by the results of seminar papers, if the case, will constitute the final evaluation of the coursework.

Final exam
Oral interview integrating all partial results
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